Hi Friends,

Welcome to Kingdom Foundation Restoration Center, where we believe in living life on purpose, by the application of Kingdom Principles, as taught in the Word of God. Our goal is to help you identify who you are, beyond what you do for a living; help you activate your gifts and talents exponentially, and empower you to cultivate a life of purpose and extraordinary living.

KFRC can assist you to overcome obstacles such as difficult habits, performance obstacles in many areas like test-taking or public speaking, success, lifestyle transformation and more. We accomplish this through Spiritual, personal and professional empowerment development training, quarterly Kingdom Restoration certification courses, books, or one-on-one mentoring.

The Kingdom Foundation Restoration Center can help you transform your life.

Let me ask you a question. Are you looking for a better way of living your life to the fullest? Do you feel like you’ve tried everything in your ability, but to no avail? If you had a tool that could help make your daily journey more rewarding and fulfilling, with promise, hope and the power to transform your life, would you use it? If YES is your answer, then I have an answer for you!

My new book, “Kingdom Principles For Everyday Living: A 40 Days Devotional”, written to help everyone who has suffered loss, been abused, misused, rejected, abandoned, outcast by people, systems, religion; it is for the young and old, the saved the lost…EVERYBODY!!!

“Kingdom Principles For Everyday Living: A 40 Days Devotional” provides for you the daily road map to successful Kingdom Living. It will transform your life in 40 days, as you simply apply the principles therein through the Word of God.

Many lives are changing through the application of Kingdom Principles For Everyday Living. And I believe yours will too.  So order your copy today!!!


Yours In Christ,


Stewart Perriliat – Founder/CEO

Kingdom Foundation Restoration Center

Oakland, California.